Large Roll Turf

With all residential enquiries we will come and give a free no obligation quotation. In doing this we can show you samples of our turf and make a full evaluation of what is required bespoke to your needs.

We have 3 grades of turf available:

  • Aspect Lawn - Fine leaved and very durable.
  • Aspect Fine  - Very Fine leaved, great for ornamental lawns.
  • Aspect RTF  - Coarse, hard wearing, good in shade/drought.

Our large roll turf covers an area of 15 square metres per roll and is installed using a purpose built installation machine. At the initial quotation stage we will be able to determine if large rolls will be possible due to access restrictions.

With all installations we offer a free pre-turf fertilizer application which helps turf establishment.

All our turf is harvested to order and will be supplied within 12 hours to keep the turf field fresh.